Enabling: give someone the authority or means to do something (allow, equip, empower, make able)

Okay, this post will make me cry. How do I know? I’ve already started.

Some of you were blessed to meet Lee on Saturday. Some of you had no idea who he was. Well, Lee’s my homeless friend from Balboa Park.

Over a year ago, God led me to where Lee’d been staying in the park. We became friends, and as the Holy Spirit led, I’d visit Lee, and, eventually, invited him into my home (at times), so throughout the year, we’ve become even closer friends.

When he’d come over, he’d shower (forever); I’d wash his clothes, and he’d eat and rest for his next bout outside. After he heard I was moving to Texas, he began to stay for longer visits.

Since February, he’s stayed with us three times, and two of those times were for over a week. On April 14th, after being here the second time for a week, he spoke to me about a change he was going through.

We were on our way back to the park to drop him off, and he said, “Laura Lee, I want to thank you for all the times you’ve let me stay with you. It makes me want to collect my social security, when I get back East, and get myself a place to live.” I almost started crying.

When I first met Lee, he was SO done with “the system” that he never wanted to get back into it, not even for a roof over his head. He was ready and felt called to die as a homeless man. Well, love changed his mind.

I always say, “It’s not about BEING loveD; it’s about being LOVE.” There’s a difference.

Over the past year, there were a lot of sacrifices made: my kids didn’t always like him here; some church people thought I was unsafe and thought I was guiding women in the wrong direction; some church people thought I was dishonoring my future husband; friendships were lost; etc., but look what came out of it.

A man found his worth, wants to do better for himself, and live. That’s powerful!

Anyway, I’m glad some of you had the chance to meet him. I know I’m super blessed by knowing him. And he absolutely LOVED meeting everybody!

This is Barry, Lee, and Me (4/23/16). Barry and I were officially ordained at my going away celebration. He’d, also, visit Lee in Balboa Park.

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