a year that held
so much for me
so much to remember
and grow from

it was the year
of many beginnings
and some endings
a year of growth
and struggling

of writing my first poem
and then four hundred more
of writing thirty songs
some to music
of starting a business
walking away from a job

spending more time with
my kids
the ones who matter most

spending time with the youth
with the homeless
with good friends

so much to hold onto
so much to let go of

and all of it experienced
through God’s heart

Passing the Test

Last week, I had gone to the park to surprise Lee, and boy, was he surprised! As I walked up, he was reading, so his head was down, and when I said my usual, “Hi, Lee!”, his whole body smiled. He was so happy. Well, yesterday, he was surprised with another visit, but this time, Barry went down there, too.

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Christmas in June

Do you remember, as a kid growing up, waking up on Christmas morning and being INSTANTLY filled with excitement?! I just woke up like that, and I have a feeling…every day is going to feel like Christmas.¬†When I turned off my alarm (which is Nathan’s giggle), my first thought was, “Thank You, God! I get to work from home! I get to make flags!,” and I was so excited! It felt like Christmas morning. This whole weekend felt different.

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Working from Home

Today is my last day at work. Starting on Monday, I’ll be working from home. On May 7th, I started my own business: “Flames of Glory,” and after 5:00 pm today, I’ll be making worship flags full time. I am in awe at how God’s molding me, changing the atmosphere, moving things around, and through it all, I get to bring Him more glory. I’M SO EXCITED!!!

Known without Words

There are many people I feel very connected to, and there are some people I feel very connected to, whom I haven’t even met yet. A couple of them are reading this now, but I won’t name names. Well, there is also a couple in Florida, whom I barely know , but in the spiritual realm, it’s like we’re best friends. Continue reading