Christmas in June

Do you remember, as a kid growing up, waking up on Christmas morning and being INSTANTLY filled with excitement?! I just woke up like that, and I have a feeling…every day is going to feel like Christmas. When I turned off my alarm (which is Nathan’s giggle), my first thought was, “Thank You, God! I get to work from home! I get to make flags!,” and I was so excited! It felt like Christmas morning. This whole weekend felt different.

Before, in every thing I was doing, in the back of my mind were thoughts about all the orders that needed to be filled, all the people that were waiting for flags, all the minutes that were going by, but this weekend, I was present in every moment because I knew there was time for worshiping God through making flags; I was even able to work on some this weekend.
Now, here we are…a new schedule…a new owner…a new time clock…a new beginning. I’m “still” going to wake up early and give my waking hours to God. I don’t even know how to fully explain any of this to you, but I DO know that, along the way, I’ve been given some advice: some good and some not so good, so if you’re thinking about starting your own business or following God’s voice into an unknown area, let me encourage you.
You can do it!
Instead of worrying about what’s ahead, thank Him for what’s ahead. Instead of worrying about being self-disciplined, practice self-discipline and thank Him for your ability to balance time. Instead of worrying about bills and rent, thank Him for His caring heart and His everlasting provision. People have asked me, “What are you going to do if this doesn’t work out?” I don’t even think twice about my answer. I tell them, “It’s God’s plan. It’s GOING to work out. There is no other plan.” Only His plan will do.
If you know someone who’s stepping out in faith, encourage them and save your “warnings” for prayer time. There’s so much available for us to receive…so much He wants to give us, He wants to bless us with, and doubt and fear seem to rob countless people of experiencing His fullness. In general, I’ve heard more people relate to “doubting Thomas” than they do to Paul. I choose to walk in my identity to change the world, and that looks a lot like Jesus!
We have the fullness of Christ in us; we are holy, blameless, above reproach in His sight, and we are ALWAYS in His view. We were created in His image, and Jesus died for us to be restored to that image: the image of Adam and Eve in the garden BEFORE the fall. THAT’s our heritage, so LIVE it!
Live in the confidence that you have a purpose, that there’s a plan for you. Be in obedience to His will, and His promises will be magnified in your life. I am so excited to experience this journey through His heart and feel unstoppable!

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