The Ultimate ‘Laugh Out Loud’

Yesterday, as I was working on flags, I used the earphones that came with my iPhone and listened to Graham Cooke speaking over me the things God was telling him…talk about POWERFUL! Recently, I saw the movie “John Wick” and mentioned how I’d like to be like HIM in the spiritual realm. While listening to this word, that’s how I felt.

Let me tell you…I felt so empowered because God was empowering me. He seems to have a lot in store for me and is me. Even the warfare I go through from time to time about doubt and finances…feels more like training than an attack, and I feel stronger ever day.

Yesterday, as I was pinning the last flag for the day, I thought about how I upset the enemy. I’ve heard much advice about not going into my past and only talking about the now, but I believe there’s power in what I share because it doesn’t affect me, so this post will have a lot of the past, but I’m only sharing it because God told me to, and His voice is louder than anyone else’s.

When I’m making flags, nothing much happens, but when I go places and dance with flags, it slaps the enemy in the face. It literally “laughs” at him and reminds him of the hold he USED to have on me but lost a long time ago. And then I thought about it: so much of my life lived out loud laughs in the enemy’s face.

When I love my kids well, the enemy’s reminded that I no longer neglect them.

When I clean my house, the enemy’s reminded that I no longer need crystal-meth to do it.

When I see a man and treat him as a brother, a friend, the enemy’s reminded that I’m no longer addicted to sex.

When I hear something that “should” pull me back into the past but causes me to burst out in laughter instead, the enemy’s reminded I’m free from his strong hold on me.

When I strengthen bonds between women friends, the enemy’s reminded that I no longer fear them, only trust them.

When I speak and teach about the freedom I live in, the enemy’s reminded that this captive has been released and that a whole bunch of others are being released as well.

When I post things on Facebook about my past and the victory I live in, darkness is reminded that it lost its hold on me and is losing its grip on a whole lot of other people.

There’re so many more ways that the enemy’s reminded of his failures, his losses, his plan that was ruined. Living out loud laughs at the enemy and causes strength to rise up in God’s soldiers, officers, generals, etc.

Last night, as I was dancing with my new flags at Red Seal, I was imagining darkness having to bow. (And when I say “dance,” I rarely move. The flags do most of the dancing.) In my life, dancing mocks the enemy and exalts God.

I think I understand better how to share my testimony without using words, but for some, words help, and I’m not afraid to share them. When I live right, the enemy’s reminded of defeat over and over again. I hope I make him super mad today!

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