Social Media Confidence

As I’m quiet with God about what to write about, He mentions this, and I begin to cry. Great! I have a feeling I’m about to be more real than I’d like, but when God says, “Write,” I write, so here we go.

Social Media: when you have your own business, online networking is a must. When I follow God’s voice, I often think piece-of-cake, until I’m involved in it, and it gets rough, and I’m finding that social media marketing has a darker side than I thought.

At times, I wish there wasn’t a “like” button or a “follow” button because when they’re not touched or untouched, negative thinking creeps in. Isn’t that crazy?! I don’t fully understand the media part of things: how to use it, how to promote, how to grow, but as I continue to use the different sites, the more I learn, but who wants to be on them anyway. I mean…really.

It’s funny: as I’m writing this and crying, I’m listening to Graham Cooke, and when I hear my own laugh, I feel better. It DOES bring joy!!

To be totally honest, I feel like the numbers in JC’s Girls have gone down because I lack the social media skills to promote, but there’s a part of me that feels it shouldn’t “need” to be promoted. People either have a heart for it or they don’t. But with a business, it’s different, and social media is a must, so I need to learn to promote with or without a response.

One of the things that blows my mind and heart is how Jesus was treated the way He was treated and never lost His identity. He never lost Who He was or what His purpose was. He always knew His direction because He was always in communion with God. Although I’ve grown so much, there’s so much more where I need to grow.


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