Bus Ride with God

This morning, I went out to the fair to dance with my flags and went home shortly after. I’m thoroughly convinced that God will use everyone right where they’re at: He was moving through people in worship; He was moving through people who were praying afterward; He was moving through me on the bus.

As I entered the area to catch the shuttle (the bus), I noticed there was no one around. Everyone was arriving at the fair, but only I was leaving. The bus driver motioned for me to come on, so I did. I sat right in front, so I could get to know her, and I did.

As we were traveling along, I asked her about her day, her job, her long hours. In return, she asked about why I was at the fair and why I was leaving so early. I shared with her about my past, my present, and my future. There was silence. I told her how God loved her and asked if she or her family needed prayer. She began to cry.

She said, “Oh, no! I don’t want anyone to see my like this.” At the light, she put her head down and wept. I told her it was okay, that it was only me, her, and God. She began to tell me about her family.

Her brother-in-law was dying of cancer, and she had been questioning God a lot. She opened up about her feelings, her weakness, her absent strength. I shared with her how tears don’t mean weakness and blessed her. I prayed for her brother-in-law, her family, her precious self. She was so beautiful.

I love how God works. I love being present in His moments. I love how there didn’t need to be a video, or a picture…just love.

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