Birth of a Song

I remember back when having kids: the closer I neared my due date, the more I rested. I wonder if rest is a catalyst for birth. Read on, and you’ll find out why.

A few months ago, as all this poetry had been coming out of me, I pouted to God (yes…pouted) and told him I wanted to write songs but was frustrated that I couldn’t because I didn’t know how to make up a tune (and I didn’t like to rhyme). At the time, it seemed like every song I heard rhymed. Well, I prayed (pouted) to God more than once about song writing, and looking back, things had started to change.

Well over a month ago, worship music in the car started to sound like nails-on-a-chalkboard. I almost thought something was wrong with me. I couldn’t listen to worship while I was driving, and I used to always spend time with God in the car like that. I figured it was because He wanted me to just talk with Him and listen, but I think there was more.

See, every time I “would” come up with a tune, it was from a song I had already been singing. I never could think of one of my own. Now, I realize God had me turn off the worship, so I could hear heaven. In the past couple weeks, I’ve written two songs with two different tunes, and they’re originals. I wonder if being in silence gave heaven a way to move through me.

In this place of rest, this place of silence, God created, brought forth new life, new birth. Everything God has been doing through me I’ve asked for.

I remember back when Kyle took me to the symphony, I watched the conductor and wondered, “What is he looking at? It looks like he knows all the notes everyone plays.” It intrigued me, but I didn’t think of why. I wondered how someone could write that kind of music. Last week, my own symphonic piece birthed in my soul. I wonder if God grabs our attention with curiosity, silences us to hear His voice, and gives us time to choose rest, so He can birth new things through us.

I hope I never lose my wonder about what God is doing.

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