hide the pain

hides the rage

can’t say it all

only matter

before I lose my mind
on purpose
I wanna remember You

when life’s bridge
gives way
it’s You Who pulls me through

if there’s a beginning
then there’s an end
as each story’s written
there’s no need to pretend
just live each moment
and fill each day
with life’s precious memories
as part of the play

“The Unmentionable”

it’s a terrible thing
to be in a marriage
and feel alone

how could invisible walls
be so concrete
how could silence
last so long

when one budges
the other moves away
and when the other budges
the one moves away

is there a solution worth hearing
is there advice worth listening to

do the days
turn into years
do the moments
become a lifetime

every time I stretch to jump
the hurdle gets higher
every time I give up
the water rises

and as each of my kids
jump onto a boat
I’m left behind


[written 10/14/16]

(funniest title EVER!! I’m dying laughing!!! most of the time, my titles come from God, but I’m not sure about THIS one…as they say in AA: keep coming back!)

I’ve never felt so far behind
in revealing my heart
so much I want to tell you
so much I have to hide
as I catch up with you
I’ll be writing A LOT
but then there’ll be days
of silence
where I’ll ponder what’s in front of me
and examine what’s been behind
nowhere to go
but inside
where God waits to be released

“The Sound of Silence”

I’ve heard that
is a fruit
of promotion

but I’ve also heard that
is a fruit
of isolation

knowing that a tree of life
grows upward
but a tree of death
withers away

I sometimes wonder

but the beauty of silence
is the song from the heart
that touches the soul
of who listens

“Without a Map”

someplace in my heart
words have grown silent
kept away
to hide how I feel

there’s just so much
going on

if my thoughts were a city
there’d be roads without signs
conversations without people
a cloud covering of doubt
not a good place to live

such a difference
from before

I think about decisions I’ve made
and ones pending

what’s worth the fight?
what needs to change?

I’ll never encourage one
to marry a stranger
I’ll never give advice
without listening

I used to think I was a leader
but now…
it might not be a good time
to follow