“My Father’s Time”

my dad
trying to remember
without forgetting

I remember his chuckle
and the way his eyes smiled

I remember his stride
and trying to keep up

I remember him taking us
to play tennis

I remember him
having lunch ready

I was his back scratcher
his daughter

I don’t remember
any kisses or hugs

but sometimes
love looks different

I remember his laugh
and the way he smelled

I remember his eyes
and the way he looked at me

I remember his love
and miss him

there was a time
when I forgot on purpose
but now I remember intentionally


The other evening, as I was on my walk, I looked to my right and saw the setting sun, looked to my left and saw the rising moon, thought of my friend who’s bipolar, and started praying for him. During that prayer, this poem began. #bipolar


the sun
setting on my right
the moon
rising to my left

two opposites
grabbing attention
two views
wanting to be seen

two poles
with one center

night and day
happy and sad
calm and irritable

is that what’s it like
to be bipolar?
do opposites fight
for attention?

the moon
and the sun
share the same sky