I don’t have a title for this.

Today, I’m going to do something a little different.

Yesterday, during Nathan’s football practice, I walked around the school and talked on the phone with Kyle.

Man, I miss him, but even more so, I miss “us:” seeing his face; watching him smile; hearing him chuckle; going to the movies; etc. For the most part, during our conversation, I kept it together, only crying without him noticing, but when it came to saying goodbye, I lost it.

After I got off the phone, I wondered what that felt like for him: being a grown man, finally on his own, missing his family, and hearing his mom say goodbye through tears. I’m sure he’s fine with it, but I still wondered.

As I got back to the car, I stood against it to watch Nathan. I’m determined to get myself used to this tropical weather, so I walk outside (almost) every day, but after a few minutes being by the car, a gross bug walked across my foot, so I got inside and rolled the windows down.

I’m telling you, even the BUGS are bigger in Texas, and they seem to be “bolder,” too. Even the birds fly really low to the car while you’re driving…while you’re driving! They’re not even scared of cars!!

Anyway, as I sat in the car and read my bible, I listened to the kids playing football and examined my heart. I wanted to write down some of the things I’d been going through, like really BE with the emotions. In that moment, poetry rushed out.

Back to back, I wrote five poems, which I’m going to post here in the order they came out.

Missed Communication

Less isn’t More

Motive Nation

Horizontal Leaps



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