Convenience of Prayer

Lately, I’ve been invited by some friends to dance at a church in La Mesa, and I’ve been welcoming their invitation to worship. This past Sunday after church, Corrie and I were coming out of a 7-11 convenience store, laughing (as usual).

Without knowing, we almost dressed identical, so we were joking about how everything was the same: our outfits were the same, our waters were the same, our Jesus was the same…as we were giggling and displaying this, a young man joined in, lifted his ice coffee, and said, “Our coffee is the same!” Well, to me, that’s an invitation to talk, so I stopped.

He was in his early twenties, drinking his ice coffee, smoking a cigarette. Without even asking his name, I began talking to him. Honestly, I can’t remember all we talked about. I just know our conversation flowed into the subject of God pretty quickly but not aggressively.

He started to describe how he thinks Jesus is great and all, but He goes to God for the REAL power. I began to talk with him about God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit, how when he believes, they walk with him and go wherever he goes. He was blown away.

I blessed him and spoke about the gold inside of him. He said, “You know, I forgot about having any faith. I never had anyone talk to me like this before.” He kept cussing because of what God was telling him. Then, right after, he’d apologize with another cuss word. He just couldn’t stop. We kept laughing.

He opened up about how he was from North Africa, had lost his passport, and how his embassy wouldn’t give him a new one. I told him, with God, he was accepted without a passport…just the way he was. It spoke so loudly to him, like he could understand it.

And, to top it all off, he was a Raiders fan. I said, “Oh, no wonder I stopped. THAT’s why you glowed!” We laughed.

You know, legalistically, he didn’t “say” a particular prayer, but I believe he walked away with Jesus in his heart. He was so happy to meet me and talk with me. He asked if he’d see me again. I told him I was pretty sure he would.

I don’t always give my information out, only when God tells me to, and this time, God didn’t say to, but I do feel I’ll run into this young man again someday and will probably hear him tell me how he’d carried on praying for others. We’ll see.

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