Today’s special guest; Laura

I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Roberta Pimentel. Her encouragement will carry with me through life!


7 thoughts on “Today’s special guest; Laura

    1. Thanks, Randy! I just read the article,and yes, I believe it and hope it’ll happen in our marriage.

      Before we got married, I “thought” I heard God saying, “Don’t worry about being unequally yoked; the covenant is still there,” so I knew what I was getting into, but knowing and living it are two different things.

      My husband has no relationship with God and doesn’t desire to (yet).


      1. Since reading your response, I’ve spent considerable time looking up Biblical references to yoke, and there are many. Personally, I think you’re delivering a message to me to accept more the yoke in G-d’s commands to us. From something I read on the internet, there are three aspects to it: faith, kingdom, and yoke. Being that Judaism is covenant-based, rather than faith-based, we must accept the covenants G-d lays out for us. So, it cannot just be faith. We can accept Kingdom, but not agree with rulings; so, that’s not enough. Therefore, we are enjoined to accept the”yoke”, or commands, given us as a bridge to connect with the realm of G-d. And, I’ve been especially recalcitrant, of late. Also, you’ve pointed me to the parsha of the week. These things are no mean feat. Two coincidental things, huh? Naaah. I cannot divine (!) the meaning it might have for you. I am no prophet. There are several meanings to it. And perhaps they won’t be known until much later.

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