7 thoughts on ““Scraped”

    1. Absolutely! I think I’ll write a post about it later on, but for now, I’ll do my best to explain it you, personally.

      The people that did this to me were a lady from church, my ex, his mother, and my own daughter. And through it all, I ended up losing my son to my ex.

      It would’ve been easy for me to hold a “grudge” or “try and get back,” but I knew it wasn’t THEM but the darkness they worked for.

      My daughter got over it quickly. She was fed some lies about me that, if they were true, she’d have reason to be mad. But she lives with me, so the truth was right in front of her face. Once she grabbed a hold of that, she stopped believing the lies.

      The woman from church went behind my back and offered my son a plane ticket back to San Diego, so he could live with his dad. She, I confronted over the phone and through text, and then erased her from my life because she caused so much turmoil in my family.

      My ex’s mother called me, accusing me of holding the kids against their will. (I remarried my ex husband and moved my family to Texas, and the kids were making the decision on where they wanted to live.) She will always be a part of my younger kids’ lives but will never be a part of mine again, not as a friend anyway.

      My ex had stopped talking to me but continued to talk “about” me to the kids and others. Eventually, he threatened to take me to court. He, I’ll have to communicate with him for the rest of my life, which I told him, “In order for Nathan to live with you, you HAVE to talk to me.” We’ll see how that goes.

      You see, after the meddling woman enticed my son with “we miss you” and a plane ticket, he changed his mind about staying and chose to leave.

      It was a mess.

      Well, in the end, I gave in to those who’d hurt me and drove my son back to San Diego to live with his dad. He’s thirteen. I just got back to Texas on Tuesday. I drove back alone.

      Anyway, I overcame because I knew the truth about me, my heart, my motives, and I knew the real “enemy” that was dividing my family. In the end, everyone has a choice to make. I can’t change that. I don’t believe everything that happens is God’s plan. I believe (sometimes) people choose to do the wrong thing, and, if they love God, He’ll bring good out of it.

      I forgave everyone who’d hurt me and my family and just kept moving on inside God’s heart. [And I’ll wait for the good to come out of it.]

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