One More Dance

It’s funny: last year, after the porn convention, I doubted I’d ever go back, yet when they called me, asking if we’d come back, I didn’t even hesitate because THAT’s what God does!

Two things…
1- Adultcon is the name of the company, who puts on the porn convention, which has everything to do about porn, and we set up a booth, which has everything to do about Jesus, and we love on everyone we meet.

2- THEY called US (JC’s Girls), asking if we’d come back, which is HUGE! They really like our presence there (His Presence there) and were adamant about getting a hold of us.

It’s a very unique outreach, but then again, all outreaches are pretty unique. It’s just that THIS one seems “different” because of the atmosphere.

We don’t judge the men and women working IN porn, and we don’t judge the men and women who go there to buy, watch, and idolize the industry. We simply love everyone through God’s heart and watch what HE does. It’s miraculous!

In order to get there, we’ll need money to cover it all. Just to give you an idea of the funding we’re declaring, here’s an approximate list:

Booth – $2,000.00 (someone donated $500.00 last night)
Van – $300.00
Rooms – $600.00
Food – $250.00

Because of my over ordering last year, we’re pretty good on gifts (I think). I’ll take inventory today.

When we FIRST started going, it was “heavy”…the darkness, but every year, it’s become “lighter.” Plus, they’re losing hold!

They used to gather in LA twice a year; now, it’s only once.
They used to gather three days; now, it’s only two.
The booths are less and less.
The patrons are fewer and fewer.
We keep needing less and less gifts for the girls, so HA!

Every year, our team is strong, and every year, our team gets stronger. This year’s our best EVER (as it should be…from glory to glory).

On the front lines will be…
Sheri Giangregorio Brown
Janel Gomez
David Foulds
Erik Frederickson

Some may be surprised to see “men” on our team, but it’s a total God thing: we end up meeting more men than women there because the women are always “working,” and in reality (Heaven reality), men SHOULDN’T have an issue with porn, and these men don’t. It’s going to be SO good!

We appreciate your prayers and are excited to see what God has planned!!

4 thoughts on “One More Dance

  1. Hey, had a question. More out of curiosity than to pin you down for an answer. I hope it comes out right.
    What was the the reason, the underlying motivation, of them asking you back? I know GOD has a hand in it, but was interested to know why a group who put on a porn convention would ask GODLY people back.
    I understand that you are doing GOD’S work there. I’m not trying to negate that in any way. Was just wondering.
    Hope you see the question for what it is. I saw a kernel that sparked a question.

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    1. It’s a GREAT question!

      The porn convention is its own “community.” There’s no way to walk in there and make a difference right away. We’ve been going since 2010 and have built relationships with many who work/go there, and we’re nice.

      We don’t judge them or shove the bible down there throat. We get to know them, “why” they’re there, pray with them.

      Every year, they receive us well, but this is the FIRST year where they called me (first of all) and practically “begged” us to come back.

      Of course, they want our money, too.

      But, above all, I think they notice how we change the atmosphere with His Presence, and they miss that, they want that; even though, they may not want HIM (yet).

      I appreciate your wondering. 🙂

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      1. That’s great! I thought they might notice His presence there, but wasn’t sure if that was the reason or not. I’m glad that you are getting the chance to minister to these people on multiple occasions. The more they see and hear, the greater the chance of leaving that past behind.
        Blessings to you and the others for all that you do. Not many are willing to go into that type of crowd and be called Christian. These are the lost that need to hear GOD’S word. Thank you for being willing to do GOD’S work where others fear to tread.

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