There’s a place
only I can go
A place deep inside
Where nothing else matters

Open space
All alone
Standing or sitting

Everywhere sprouting up
That need to be made
Each one has roots

Whatever I choose
Will grow
Which makes it difficult
So i wait

Open space
All alone
The hard part
Is coming back


can be good or bad
angelic or demonic
can weigh the scale
of decisions

but at times
you won’t know
which influenced you
until after
the choice’s been made

which may be too late

the point past no return
still has a panoramic view

“Cloudy, with a Chance of Rain”


the quiet
brings the storm
poem after poem
wave after wave
of tears

when will my spirit
break through my soul
and Lighten the words
of my heart

a mother weaning
a wife fading
as friends turn away
and worry

all that’s left
is You in my heart
sifting through chaos
to bring clarity

as a mother
as a wife
as a friend

to a child
to a husband
to a friend

if I follow God
who cares what man thinks
but if I follow man
what will follow me


when a child has to choose
between mom and dad
things change
a seriousness takes over
and fun seems to be forced

it’s not a part “of” life
it’s a part of “our” life

choices birth decisions
decisions birth choices

I cannot change
the past I’ve created
but I can choose
to love well

which includes now
and every tomorrow

“One in Millions”

the inner course
of sex
has its way
of taking a chance
with conception

it doesn’t wait to see
if the couple is in love
it doesn’t wait to see
if they’re married
it doesn’t wait to see
what their dreams are

this chance takes
a risk
without asking
maybe leaving one
with a choice

to keep it
or not

there’s an easy way out
thinking of self
and no one else
but it’s the harder way

a decision to bring forth life
or cause death
a chance to promote destiny
or distinguish it

a wait in the mind
a weight in the heart
who will win

“Along the Journey”

God’s not my GPS
choices are
there are many roads we can take
many turns to the left
and to the right
going forwards
or backwards
making u turns
many different possibilities
God’s definitely one of the routes
but my choices point me in direction