“My Reflection”

As you go through life
It’s not so much
You learn who you are
It’s much more like
You learn who you’re not
Which reveals who you are

I mean
I know who I am in Christ
But I still learn more about myself
Every week
Which tends to reveal
More of who I’m not

I’m a woman with integrity
One to be remembered and thought of
Not to be put on a shelf
Or under a table
I’m worth hearing and knowing
I’m kind and courageous

As time goes by
I’ll learn more and more
Never to disappoint myself
In who I find myself to be
But always with excitement
Discovering who I’m not


when the bills are due and you’re just ‘not there’ yet
when everything you spend cuts into the rent
when your problems point to the promises

no need to worry
no need to fret

another opportunity
to trust
to believe
to listen
to move

walking by faith
leaving everything behind
discovering new land
to live in

Known without Words

There are many people I feel very connected to, and there are some people I feel very connected to, whom I haven’t even met yet. A couple of them are reading this now, but I won’t name names. Well, there is also a couple in Florida, whom I barely know , but in the spiritual realm, it’s like we’re best friends. Continue reading