“Lifting Above”

someone asked me
if I write anything happy
I write what I feel
so no

I can’t explain
this daily torment
losing my dreams
my motivation
my life

day after day
day after day
but not TO myself
but IN myself

I’ve been healed of
but depressing thoughts
still come


at times I have hope
but sometime later
it melts away

so many opinions
so much advice
so much division

I get confused

is it worth it
do I want it
is it…my choice

only time will tell
so it better start talking!

“Solitary Confinement”

it’s so easy to say
THIS is why I feel like I do
THIS is what someone did
not realizing
it’s the enemy
planning offense to be taken
so you’ll walk away

from family
from friends
from self
from God

dividing what’s become
into isolation
creating an army
because he doesn’t HAVE one
of his own

there’s much more good than evil
but YOU decide which to focus on

“Flush it Out”

so many people offended
by bathrooms
by prayer dates
as if we need a “day” to pray

look beyond the bathrooms
into the hearts
do you realize
people are changing into
who they want to be
because who they are
isn’t right to them

can you imagine
not loving yourself the way you are
so intently
that you have a surgery to change

finding identity in labels
instead of in Him

do you think Jesus died
for only those…
do you think He died
for everyone but…

oppression: mental pressure or distress
remember who the enemy is

look past the restroom
look past the calendar
and declare the victory
that’s been won