“Another Holiday”

Happy Easter, Everyone!!

a day I thought I’d be a mess
without my boys
but last week
something changed
I realized there’s someOne
so much more important
than my kids
and that One is God

and when I focus on Him
my emotions don’t go crazy
when I focus on Him
my circumstances seem small
when I focus on Him
I see He’s the same

no matter where my kids live
no matter how my marriage’s going
no matter what’s going on
no matter who’s in front of me
no matter when life takes a turn
He stays the same

and when I focus on Him
my purpose is steadfast



When Money Runs Out

Yesterday, God had more than one encounter lined up for me, but the one I’ll share with you now is the one with Lee. When I walked up to him, he was asleep, slumped in his chair. I’m so glad he has a chair to be slumped in, but at the same time, my heart wants him to have a bed. I gently woke him, and he rose to give me his seat..such a gentleman. While he situated himself on the ground, I sat down, and we began to talk. Continue reading

A Special One

Last weekend, during Activate, I was loving on people with a group in Carlsbad, and along our journey of love, we came across some artists, who had set up shop in a grassy area to display and sell their art. Have you ever encountered a moment when someone else’s passion touched a hidden part of your heart to where you KNEW it was from God? Let me take you to “my” moment. Continue reading