“Love of Friends”

No more counterfeit
after feeling this love
no other thing
will fool me

freely given
without words
deeply known
no question

by their love
showing me
the heart of Jesus

Where does creativity come from
How does it grow

Out of love
First Love from Him
encouraged by
friends: the wind that carries my flight

A Sobering Moment

When we were at Ocean Beach on Sunday, I had the chance to meet these two beautiful young ladies. They were so drunk…so high, but in the Presence of God, you wouldn’t believe how sober a person can become.

The way they approached us was hilarious! They were, literally, falling all over us, asking, “Who’s the Raiders fan?” (Mind you: I wasn’t wearing “anything” Raiders on Sunday, which is surprising. Normally, I have SOMETHING on that shows that awesome team.) I raised my hands loud and proud and said, “I am!!” They were SO disappointed. They were asking to give that person a hard time, but once they started talking to me, they couldn’t help but love me. Continue reading