breathe in
breathe out

another moment’s

waiting’s not that bad
it’s the thinking
that wears one down

the wondering
the ‘what if’s
the fear

breathe in
breathe out
another moment

to trust
to choose
to follow His lead

it’s as easy as


you ever have those moments
where you can’t stop crying
but it’s not bad
it’s intimate

each tear drop
leaves a stream
for others to follow

something was unlocked yesterday
I’ve felt it all day

people need to hear
people need to know
people need streams to follow

to freedom

“Walking with HIM”

Yes and Amen
I will follow
I will follow You

Yes and Amen
I will lay down my life
lay down my life for You

Yes and Amen
I will listen
listen only to You

Yes and Amen
I will follow
I will follow You

Mountain Memories

On Thursday, I had forgotten my folding chairs at work, so yesterday, I thought about taking one with me on my lunch, just in case Lee was somewhere sitting in the shade, I’d be able to join him, so when I clocked out, I grabbed a chair, headed outside, and asked Holy Spirit where to walk and listened.

On the path He took me down, I ran into my friend, Jose, whom I haven’t seen in weeks. We stopped to chat. Continue reading