“Foreign Land”

for the longest time
I’ve mapped my way around
before leaving the house
thinking the route

I couldn’t do that here
until yesterday

yes! a normal beginning
never realizing
the normal I had
until it was gone

beginning a normal
a normal beginning
or far from it

“Missed Emotion”

I’m somewhere inside
I can feel it
but I’m still somewhere inside
watching life happen
without living it

no longer a prison
yet a mist
haven’t found my way out
not yet

sometimes wanting
to be alone
wanting to scream
holding back tears
always looking
for laughter

a reason to laugh
that’s all I need

I wonder if God’ll tell jokes


I’d love to tell you that everything
was a piece of cake

the packing
the loading
the drive
the move

but it wasn’t

there was stress
but we made it

it’s hard to explain the emotions
felt behind the wheel
as I watched the trailer in front of me
hold my stuff

my things
my life
everything I had
in a trailer

it was weird

thinking every thing would melt away
when we got here
but it didn’t

unpacking things
only to realize
my things didn’t have “a place”

then it hit me

I left my home
to be a visitor
nothing “fitting in”
not even me

not yet

I’m not sure how much of my bath
was water
and how much
were tears

learning to live
a different way

I wonder what poetry
was inside Abraham