“With Blinders On”

having not forgotten
I dance on this path
believing there’s more
if I just keep moving
at times it seems tougher
when I feel a tantrum coming on
that my foot doesn’t want to move forward
that my life tends to want to run away
but in those moments I remember
the path He’s put me on
there’s a right and a left in view
but my path is straight and narrow
it’s not a sin to cry
but I must move forward
there’s a destiny I see
and every step creates the journey
I want to leave a path for my kids to teach about
I want to leave a legacy to carry on
not of my name but of His
not of my plan but of God’s
two more dresses came today
a total of three in two days
a stranger who’s a friend
dressed in glory
dancing in glory
releasing glory
to reign down again


Needs of the Heart

Last Sunday, as I was talking with the youth group, they were lit on fire. I was telling them about my walks in Balboa Park, how I meet people and pray for them. When they heard about the homeless people, they wanted to help. They asked if I would go around and ask them what they needed because the kids want to gather these things together and take them to them. Isn’t that beautiful! So, I went.  Continue reading