“Never from Nowhere”

there’s always a reason behind my writing
it’s my heart’s reaction to what’s happened
or what’s happening
sometimes I’ll lie and say it’s someone else
but in reality
it’s just me
and most likely
the lie is to protect someone else
and in protecting someone else
I may be left hurt
but that’s where I grow
and not let things control me
not let circumstances dictate my health
not let someone else’s issues stifle my laugh
but there’s always a reason behind my writing
and there’s always a smile
waiting to shine



There’s a place
only I can go
A place deep inside
Where nothing else matters

Open space
All alone
Standing or sitting

Everywhere sprouting up
That need to be made
Each one has roots

Whatever I choose
Will grow
Which makes it difficult
So i wait

Open space
All alone
The hard part
Is coming back