“When Light is a Fire”

in His Heart
there is freedom
in His Heart
there is joy
in His Heart
there is company
of angels

where heaven breathes
and moves through you
when nature knows
where heaven breathes
and the world looks different
through change

when they learn about
this freedom
and learn about
this joy
and learn about
this company
and enter into His Heart


a place where time
doesn’t exist
a place where it’s never
the last moment
a place that listens
plans and

and love

having the power
to send darkness to hell
having the faith
to walk in victory
having the courage
to stand tall
and believe

in freedom
in joy
in love

so many choices
to make every day
so many moments
to be love

for God
for yourself
for others

torment may last
for a moment
but joy and peace
are forever more

A Break with God

Yesterday, I knew I’d be busy at lunch because Katie and I will running a 5K tonight, and I needed to pick up our packets, so I knew I wouldn’t be in the park. Sometimes, I wonder: if nothing happens in the day, what will I write about. Well, God always has something for me to write about. It’s such a passion of mine and so hard to explain. Those of you who write will understand, but it just so happens that, yesterday, God lined up a few encounters that I wasn’t expecting.
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A Drive Through God’s Heart

Last night, as I was driving to pick up Kyle, I was having the best time with God. I think that’s why my gas light keeps coming on. When I’m in the car, I’m so far in heaven that I forget about earth, and then, the light comes on and grounds me once again. (I did it again the other night: no teeth, jammies, had to pump gas.) But that’s okay, the reason behind the missed responsibility is so intoxicating, and last night, I was at it again.  Continue reading