how does darkness
make death
so appealing

a young girl cutting
a woman aborting
a man escaping

there’s a veil
set in place
with a vision
of paradise
that’s decorated
until chains
set in place

locked in silence
held in isolation
surrounded in love
but on an island

not being able
to swim
to safety

in the dark
but surrounded
by Light

having to choose
to be free
having regret
to take hold

so many
make the choice
to regret
so many
make the choice
to be freedom

be available
to listen
be coming
in love
be willing
to sacrifice
your opinion

is an illusion
that’s stepped into

help someone
step into
the Light


a place where time
doesn’t exist
a place where it’s never
the last moment
a place that listens
plans and

and love

having the power
to send darkness to hell
having the faith
to walk in victory
having the courage
to stand tall
and believe

in freedom
in joy
in love

so many choices
to make every day
so many moments
to be love

for God
for yourself
for others

torment may last
for a moment
but joy and peace
are forever more

“Life Leads to Life”

January twenty-fifth

the date darkness
planned an abortion
and a suicide
the date heaven
witnessed a marriage
between ex’s

there’s always a way
to override darkness
and live a life of victory
through Jesus

love is a choice
to love God is a choice
to love others is a choice
to love yourself is a choice

in the blink of an eye
a mind can be changed
in either direction
so focus on the good

“The Cost of Free Will”

I get so mad
when the enemy wins
when he’s given control
by free will

to murder
to rape
to neglect
to abort

you can’t convince me
that God’s in control
when darkness reigns

it’s against His Character

there’re times when
hell rejoices
from having it’s way

I wonder if the rejoicing’s
the same as in heaven
when one’s found
the angels sing
well when one’s lost
does hell throw a party

wonder if we loved those
through their darkness
how that’d mess up the enemy’s