“Buried Alive”

March 7, 2020

Where is she? Have you seen her?
I know she’s there

I see her face all over Facebook
Brightening the day
But I can’t find her

Have you seen her?

I don’t think she’s lost
Just buried
Buried beneath the pain and worry
Buried beneath the fear of not knowing
Buried beneath the sadness
Smothered beneath the breakdowns

Maybe she needs to break down
Before building back up
Maybe every tear that falls
Unearths another part of her

I’m hoping this hasn’t changed her
I’m hoping she’ll bounce right back
Because I miss her
She’s the me in me
That’s missing

“Feeling the Cracks”

I feel like
when two become one
there’s a melding that “each one” does
to fit together

that’s not what’s happening

I feel like
I’m being broken apart
in tiny little pieces
to fit in “his” mold