“Lost Love”

it breaks my heart
to see relationships
without love

with the absence of love
there’s room for so much more

but the moment love becomes present
the rest is covered

“Response Ability”

throughout life
you’ll encounter people
who may not know who they are
and as they speak to you
they’ll tear you down
with words looks and actions
but if you live your life through God’s heart
even as they tear you down
He’ll be rebuilding

it’s who He is
it’s what He does

and in every moment of pain
you’ll have the chance to decide
will you react in fear
or will you respond in love

“Naked Feelings”

the beauty is
I write what I feel
the problem is
I write what I feel

I’ve wondered why
it’s so important for me
to be open
and I giggle at times
of the reality of things

years of stripping
selling my body
exposing what
was on the outside
keeping my clothes on
valuing my worth
exposing what’s
on the inside

being open
having no fear
of what life brings

so many marriages
hidden away
with problems galore
yet seeming at peace

so many parents
feeling like failures
doing what they believe
to make things right

so many issues
swept under the rug
not realizing any moment
someone can move it

but there’s growth in being open
with your friends
with your family
with your spouse

love breeds vulnerability
vulnerability breeds intimacy
intimacy breeds love
love breeds peace
for all to live in

“Back to Square One”

throughout living
so many things change

and amidst the change
there’s growth
and amidst the growth
there’s pain
and amidst the pain
there’re tears
and amidst the tears
you may find a friend

but even friends
change with time

those close by
seem far away
those far away
seem close by
some acquaintances
become friends
some friends
become acquaintances
and through it all
I often find myself


in church

yes people are there
and some become friends
but as I walk to each path
I’m alone

I KNOW God is with me
but even HE said
it’s not good
for “man” to be alone
yet HE was there

so as I drive to AA
as I visit different churches
and in certain conversations
I’m alone

I get turned around but never lost
it seems heavy but always light
I get weary but grab hold
of the ONE Who never changes
and someday
I won’t be


“Inside the Truth”

the beauty of love
is found in God’s heart
and only those there
will find it

there’s just no way to duplicate
His perfect love
no way to mask
something else

for its fruit will be known
by its awful taste
and the emptiness
known by its sight

“Love evoL”

[written 8/11/16]

when I think about God
I can write about love
the beauty of what it looks like
the reward of what comes forth

but when I think about some relationships
beauty’s the last word
that comes to mind
and I’m left with wondering


God created relationship
if two people do it well
beauty shouldn’t be missing
it should be seen

so through the eyes of God
what should love look like?

walking hand in hand
talking and listening
building up
not tearing down
love’s giving attention
and joining in fun
digging for gold
and not wasting it

love should never be
the silent treatment
or actions from spite

love’s asking questions
and hearing opinions
it’s being who you are
ALL the time
and being present
when you’re there

do you see love?