Life Without My Thirteen Year Old Son

Before I write…my son hasn’t passed away; he’s moved away.

The past few weeks have been a whirlwind, and I’ll take you through it for two reasons: one…to bring you up to speed, and two…so I’ll remember for one of my books. Continue reading


-interfere in or busy oneself unduly with something that is not one’s concern.
-touch or handle (something) without permission.

on Monday
someone meddled
with my family

a “Christian”
with “good intentions”
left a path
of destruction
and chaos
disrupting minds
that were set

there was no warning
much like a tornado
there’s STILL debris
on the ground

my first response
was to vent
but instead
I continued on
in peace and quiet

and whatayaknow
God’s been at work
changing minds
and moods
to look more like

God reveals truth
and the enemy’s lies

“Out in the Open”

is there anywhere really safe
to be yourself
and grow
without people attempting
to form you
to mold you
into what they believe
your shape should be
is there anywhere really safe
to open up
and rest
in where you are
in where you’ve been
in where you’re going
as you step into
what God has in store
the only safe place
is inside His heart
and everywhere I go
He’s with me
molding me
forming me
into His image
of love