“Out of Whack”

the thought of change
is much more exciting
than the reality of it

the clouds still form
the trees still blow in the wind
everything looks different
and I’m beginning to realize why

the perfect alignment
how I feel?

maybe the first step
of realization
is seeing

now to take the next step

Love is going to Change the World

Earlier this month, I went on a mission trip to the dump in Tecate, Mexico. I shared this story on Facebook but thought it’d be nice to share it here. God’s Love flowing through people will change the world one prayer at a time, one smile at a time, one moment at a time…Love…

On this night, Raul encountered Love. God touched his heart. On Christmas Eve, we're going back to the dump. I can't wait to hug him!!
On this night, Raul encountered Love. God touched his heart. On Christmas Eve, we’re going back to the dump. I can’t wait to hug him!!

Meet Raul

At the dump, I met this beautiful man, Raul. He was standing in line to receive a second helping of food. In person, he was a lot dirtier than he appears in this picture. He had a sadness in his eyes, but underneath, there was hope. He spoke very little English, and I spoke very little Spanish, but God spoke, clearly, to his heart.

As we were talking, I asked him if I could pray for him. He said, “Yes,” so I did. In this prayer, God was speaking a lot of life and power and hope into him. I showed him the words on my shirt: “Change the World.” I told him God was going to use him to change the world, starting in the dump. He was so overwhelmed, he moved out of line to sit down. I didn’t catch on to what was happening. I went to see if he was okay and offered to stand in line for him. He took me up on that offer.

As I held his place, a woman mentioned his reaction to what I was saying to him. He had almost dropped his plate. God was at work in him. In his heart, a fire was ignited. When he joined me in line, he agreed to start praying for others in the dump. He agreed to start changing the world. He asked if I would come back. I told him, “Yes. Listen for my laugh, and when you hear it, say, “Ah, there’s Laura.”” He was one of the many friends I had the privilege of meeting and hugging at the dump.

Purity to Fight for

IMG_1051 (2)If I sat down with you and told you about my past, you may be tempted to wonder how I could feel pure. Looking at my life through the worlds eyes would reveal a lot of questions. Looking at my life through the eyes of Jesus reveals a lot of answers.

To express the measure of purity I feel will be noticeable in this one statement: I don’t even want to be kissed until my wedding day. Does that sound crazy? To the world, yes. To God, no. I have sought God through Jesus to find my identity, and in doing that, I’ve discovered what a treasure I am. Is that arrogant? No. Is that confidence? Absolutely! I am confident in who I am in Christ, and I want to be treated that way.

I was talking to a man on the street about my desire not be kissed until my wedding day, and he didn’t think that withholding my sexual desires from coming out was healthy. I told him that it is very healthy. You see, to the world, heaven doesn’t make sense, Kingdom living doesn’t make sense, purity doesn’t make sense. To God, I bet it makes perfect sense. After going back and forth in discussion, I told this man that he wouldn’t be able to change my mind. No one will be able to change my mind or my heart, not even my future husband.

I’ve even shared my purity with other Christians and have not always received positive feedback. This purity is something I will fight for. I don’t want to marry a man because of the way he kisses or the way he makes me feel when we kiss. I want to marry a man because his heart shines with God’s love. I believe if I fall in love with a man, no matter what, kissing will be amazing, so why not save it for an amazing wedding night.

I’m not out to please anyone but God. I’m truly glad that I listen to the voice of His heart and not the voice of man’s mind. Everything I feel and believe about myself right now was never known to me through life: I have value; I am beautiful; I feel like a virgin; I am a gift, not to be opened; I’m a treasure; I am worth the wait; I am elegant…every morning, I have the pleasure of waking up to who I am, and I’m excited to live out every day through Him!

Life After Birth

God doesn’t need birth to bring forth new life.

On July 2, 2014, I had a dream where I wasn’t able to get pregnant, and that wasn’t a good feeling.

A little bit about me: In my younger years, I drug my kids through a lot of stuff by living a life in the dark. I don’t need to go into detail of what was done or how I lived, but I can assure you, it wasn’t pleasant. All of that is drenched in the blood of Jesus. I’ve sought forgiveness and received it.  I’ve thought about what it would be like to carry a child and give birth, while being in love with Him. I used to ask God for a husband and for that chance.

Back to the dream: when I awoke from this dream of disappointment of not being able to get pregnant, I heard the words, “God doesn’t need birth to bring forth new life.”

This spoke so loudly to me. From when I started walking closely with the Lord until now, each child of mine has become a new person. As I was delivered from more and more darkness, they were exposed to more and more Light, and principalities lost their strong holds on my family.  Although I didn’t have actual childbirth and all that goes with it, as a family, we went through emotional pain, and each one of us has been brought forth into new life.

For my kids, further individual healing will come, and for my family, new life has been brought forth, and we are able to enjoy the Kingdom of Heaven here on earth. We have regular “Game Days” where we come together, play board games, laugh, and have a lot of fun. We don’t dwell in the time that was lost. We relish in the time that we have now. Today, I’m a good, godly mother to them, and you can see their joy in their eyes when they smile. Glory to God for changing my heart and my mind and for giving me this new life to live!!