you know what I’ve realized?
I’m normal for “me”
no one can walk through this
like I am
and I can’t walk through it
like anyone else

we’re all different

I’m grateful for my ups and downs
because I’m learning to work through them
the challenge I have
is to “feel” without judging myself

easier said than done

my poor counselor
I feel like he keeps having to repeat himself
but it seems like in between seeing him
I forget
but today
he said I’m doing much better!

my walk is mine
my look is mine
my nature is mine
and I’m pretty happy with it

Fitting in Out of Place

To say this move hasn’t been hard on the kids would be lying. It’s been (at times) excruciating for them: no friends; nothing familiar; without their dad;…I could go on and on, but you get the idea. Well, little by little, things get better.

There’re moments when they cry.
There’re moments when they’re moody.
There’re moments when their silent. Continue reading

“So Not Normal”

Normal was cussing
calling names
slamming doors

Normal was drinking
passing out
missing life
passing by

Normal was forgetting
not wanting to move
over selfish desires

Normal was laughing
at work but
at home

Normal was darkness
without light
without hope
without love

and then I met Him
fell in love with my kids
encountered His Love
changed my mind

to create a NEW normal