[written 10/17/16]

there aren’t many people
who’d beat their spouse
in front of company

there aren’t many bullies
who’d pick on kids
in front of teachers

there aren’t many parents
who’d toss their kids
in public

yet so many times
people trust
a smile
an attitude
a picture

when behind the scenes
behind closed doors
people are worn
to nothingness

and yet they
and act
and pose
to mask the pain

let’s wake up
to those around us

instead of guessing
what’s behind the curtain
get to know the cast
and be part of their solution

“Check the Lighting”

for the one who lost a baby
newborn pictures will look different

for the one in an unhappy marriage
wedding photos will lack joy

for the one who lost their kids
family pictures may not form a smile

sometimes effects of experience
change one’s perspective
and the only way to change it back
is through alignment with Him


can be good or bad
angelic or demonic
can weigh the scale
of decisions

but at times
you won’t know
which influenced you
until after
the choice’s been made

which may be too late

the point past no return
still has a panoramic view