“Back to Square One”

throughout living
so many things change

and amidst the change
there’s growth
and amidst the growth
there’s pain
and amidst the pain
there’re tears
and amidst the tears
you may find a friend

but even friends
change with time

those close by
seem far away
those far away
seem close by
some acquaintances
become friends
some friends
become acquaintances
and through it all
I often find myself


in church

yes people are there
and some become friends
but as I walk to each path
I’m alone

I KNOW God is with me
but even HE said
it’s not good
for “man” to be alone
yet HE was there

so as I drive to AA
as I visit different churches
and in certain conversations
I’m alone

I get turned around but never lost
it seems heavy but always light
I get weary but grab hold
of the ONE Who never changes
and someday
I won’t be


“Traveling Heart”

leaving may be harder
than I thought

driving down Lemon Grove
seeing what’s familiar
then missing it
eyes tearing up
memories flooding

thoughts of what view
will become familiar

new is good
change is good
being in line with God
is good

when you know who you are
there’s no one else you’d rather be
when you know where you belong
there’s no where else you’d rather be

seasons change
but seasons also last
a lifetime

I’m so excited for this new season