“A Fence of Another”

some know who I am
others perceive
in a moment of a poem
what they see

but do they know?

how one takes thoughts captive
may be different from another

for me
my thoughts taken captive
can be found in a poem
never entering my heart
only leaving my mind

but because of
a fence
I’ve held back
because of concern
I’ve turned away

then where’re those thoughts
kept captive
but inside

now I no longer think
of what others may say
and if they really want to know
they’ll ask

for now
I’m writing
with my heart’s consent
and before long
my spirit’ll break through

free from my surroundings
free from my soul
free from a state of mind
which is meant to be changed

but my heart stays the same
perfectly ONE with Him

“Fruit Cemetery”

I love it when
a thought comes through
and passes right by
like the wind

those are the thoughts
I take captive
blowing each away
before it takes root

but not all the time

some thoughts
I make a place for
setting them at a table to feast
on the fruits of my spirit

nibbling at the joy
the love
the patience
and more

not even noticing the plates
until they’re empty
feeling an absence

of course
none of that’s real
nothing can be taken
only buried