“A New Normal”

everyone has a different “normal”
what they’re raised in
what they’re used to
and I wonder
how much that “normal”
hangs on

if a child is raised around screaming all the time
will that child become an adult who screams?

if a child hears a lot of cussing
will it become part of their vocabulary?

it could
but it also doesn’t have to be

I believe parents
and the like
who are creating an environment for children
should carry themselves well

regardless of their past

growing up
involves learning the difference
between right and wrong
and choosing right
but then it comes back to “normals”
maybe wrong IS right

I used to cuss all the time
scream at my kids
slam doors through the frame
my kids’ “normal”
but I changed
I hope others change too

all it takes is for one to change
to make lifetimes of different


God is my Justifier
Who passed over my sin
to make me righteous

Jesus is my Deliverer
Who through my faith
caused darkness to cease

Holy Spirit is my Teacher
Who replaced every lie
with His marvelous truth

“Growing Up”

teaching with authority
abolishing minds set on darkness
turning their attention to Light
explaining Kingdom Living through
exposing the lies
revealing the Truth
leaving an example to follow

becoming love
to look more like Him
embracing the world regardless
not to conform to it
to change it
with love
in love
through love
becoming love
looking more and more like

“Freedom to Create”

When I was a little girl, I had dreams: dreams of becoming a mom, dreams of becoming a teacher, dreams of being loved, etc., and along the way, some of those dreams were forgotten (or stolen), and I lived my life as an adult in a place of settling because this-was-just-the-way-it-was-going-to-be. Of course, that was a lie from the pit of hell, but it sure did pull me down to that pit with it, until God… Continue reading