there’s a place deep within my heart
where truth is planted
and freedom grows

my mind is less deceived to believe manipulation

and darkness only exists
with the flip of a switch
with the sun going down
with the moon rising up
with the closing of my eyes
with a blanket over me

anyone who follows Jesus should be exposed
nothing hidden

maybe people feel shame
because they think they’re the only one
who’s aborted a child
who’s worked at a clinic
who’s lived off the money
who’s child was torn

so many turnouts
planned by the enemy
to produce shame
the more one lives there
the more darkness laughs

it’s time to stand strong
helping the weak become bold
bringing everything to Light
defeating darkness

an army of love
marching forward

Porn in the Way

Very rarely do I write without knowing how to begin, but this morning, that’s what I’m going through…with tears in my eyes. In my time with God, He spoke to me about the hearts of men. How precious those hearts are!

In JC’s Girls, which is a ministry that reaches out to women in the adult entertainment industry, some of our largest donations have come from men, and the ones I’ve received eye-to-eye, I’ve seen a veil of guilt and shame over their eyes, which has tugged on my heart. Continue reading


it’s not about my name or anyone else’s name
it’s about Jesus
it’s not about pictures on Facebook or friends who hug you
it’s about Jesus
it’s not about your kids, your spouse, your family
it’s about Jesus
it’s not about the makeup you have on or the clothes you wear
it’s about Jesus
Continue reading

Claiming Ground

You know, normally, I don’t “make” my kids go to anything at church, but when I heard Dan Mohler was going to be in town, I told Carolyn, “You’re going!” She saw the look in my eyes and said, “Okay,” so last night I took her to hear Dan for the very first time, and she’ll never be the same.

Even without hearing him, she’s been learning his teaching over the past year by listening and watching how I live my life. A little over a year ago, I began watching Dan’s fifty-one day teaching on YouTube, and it has taught me how to become love. Continue reading