“Tiny Traveler”

sometimes I wish you could be inside me
inside my thoughts of all that He’s done
inside my tears as they well up
it’s more than going to church or reading His word
it’s understanding
it’s becoming
it’s living out loud where no voice is needed
it’s listening without judging
it’s loving without wanting
it’s speaking without yelling
if you could be inside me in moments like these
maybe you’d understand the way that I am
and who I want to be

“Fruit Cemetery”

I love it when
a thought comes through
and passes right by
like the wind

those are the thoughts
I take captive
blowing each away
before it takes root

but not all the time

some thoughts
I make a place for
setting them at a table to feast
on the fruits of my spirit

nibbling at the joy
the love
the patience
and more

not even noticing the plates
until they’re empty
feeling an absence

of course
none of that’s real
nothing can be taken
only buried


there’s a quiet place of the heart
unseen by man
but known by God

where requests are never made
but desires are known
and answered

where a thought becomes a prayer
because it came from the heart

when His Spirit lives in you
there’s always communion

know it
seek it
learn it
live it

“Turning Around”

I have a thought in my head
and heart
that few people know about

it’s one of excitement
and calmness

but a thought doesn’t
do much
by itself

it requires action
sometimes risk
and commitment

as it remains unspoken
it’s heard loud and clear
in heaven

change may seem scary
as a thought
but normal as a step