The Clean Inside

For the past week, I’ve been cleaning a lot and, while doing so, have had some really cool conversations with God, and the whole time, there’s been a part of me that’s asked Him, “What was fixed?”, and I believe He’s been showing me.

First of all, let me give you a little background about my cleaning: Continue reading

Porn in the Way

Very rarely do I write without knowing how to begin, but this morning, that’s what I’m going through…with tears in my eyes. In my time with God, He spoke to me about the hearts of men. How precious those hearts are!

In JC’s Girls, which is a ministry that reaches out to women in the adult entertainment industry, some of our largest donations have come from men, and the ones I’ve received eye-to-eye, I’ve seen a veil of guilt and shame over their eyes, which has tugged on my heart. Continue reading

“Hide and Seek”

hiding inside
wanting no one to see
but God Who lives in me
gives me away

funny: I hide – He seeks
covering a wound instead of exposing it
living with fear instead of overcoming it

some wounds take time
some hearts won’t give in
when I hold back from God
He doesn’t take

He waits
until I’m willing to give it up
until I’m willing to let things go
until I’m willing to rest in His goodness
until I’m willing
He waits

when I let Him come in and give Him my pain
He teaches
He comforts
He corrects me to wholeness

for me, it was a day
how long do hearts hide
of isolating inside

there’s a fire in my heart to reach out
a new flame to find those who hide
to speak His life into their souls
as He fills their hearts
with His Love