When People Die

For some reason, ever since mom passed away, I really wanted flowers, so today, I finally went and bought some.

I guess you’d imagine that I’d get her favorite flower, but I have no idea what that was, so I bought my favorite color (yellow) and my favorite smell (carnations) and combined the two.

As I stood in line to pay, Continue reading


Meet My First Grand-baby!!!

On August 2nd, we were celebrating my daughter’s birth throughout the day, when she went into labor. The next morning, at 4am, her daughter was born!

* Ariel * 6lbs 13.2oz * 19″ long *

My son came to visit!


Then, she was jaundice, so we were back in the hospital for three days.

Finally, we got to go home!!


It’s been a LONG week…so much to write about!

Not ALL Bad

Since it’s been “difficult” here, I’m going to point out things I like.
I love hearing the birds talk…sometimes fifty at a time.
I love watching the trees blow through the window.
I love my yellow room.
I love sitting at our dining room table, eating dinner, playing games.
I love, when I’m first to wake up, sitting in the living room in silence.
I love sitting in that same silence in my bedroom.
I love dancing at church.
I love the breeze at the ocean; it sort of blows the humidity away.
And in the moments it happens, I love watching the kids have fun.
I love my talks with Katie.
I love the times when Scott and I laugh.
I love watching the kids grow.
I love cooking with my girls.
I love creating.

Anyway, those are some of the things I love. I’m sure I’m missing some, and I’m sure some are an exaggeration, but it’s good to focus on the beauty that’s all around me.

Our Bedroom!!

Since we’ve been in Texas, Scott’s been working on two bedrooms: first the kids’ and then ours, so for five weeks, Scott and I’ve been sleeping in the dining room, UNTIL LAST NIGHT!

We finally have our bedroom!! And it’s beautiful! And it’s YELLOW!!

It’s difficult to capture the true color.
There’re shelves for this closet, which will hold all my dyes and stuff.
My sewing area!
Trying to capture the color.


Natural lighting
Valspar satin paint: Champagne Dance

Happy Family Day

You know…I notice mostly that I’ve changed by the atmosphere of my home and the love I receive from my kids. Those two things right there speak louder than words and are worth more than gold. I wouldn’t even BE a mother without my kids, so yesterday, I gave them all gifts and said, “Happy Mother’s Day,” but FIRST, I walked out to my gift.

My gift from Kyle (minus the Efferdent)...so funny that those made it in the picture!
My gift from Kyle (minus the Efferdent)…so funny that those made it in the picture!

Since we’ve lived here (for three years), Kyle has left my gifts for me in the same spot, so when I come out of the bedroom, it’s the first thing I see, and wouldn’t you know it…every time, it surprises me. This year, he gave me a potted plant. He found out these flowers were called “Mums,” so he bought me my favorite color and called me “Mum.” I love it because they’re ALIVE, so I can plant them right outside my bedroom window. What a daily expression of love that will be!

Okay, I’m going to brag about Kyle for a moment. On Saturday, he coached Nathan’s flag football game. At the end of the game, he passed out flowers to the boys to give to their mothers: pink roses. How special is my boy! …so thoughtful! Okay, now I’ll brag about all of them.

Nathan made me a card with coupons for him to clean. In the card, he said he’ll be a husband someday and should get used to cleaning. How adorable is that! Carolyn made me breakfast for lunch: waffles and eggs, and she surprised me by watching one of my favorite movies with me: “Mama Mia.” I love that movie! Katie did the dishes, and we all just spent time together. Katie had to work, but when she was there, she was THERE, and I loved surprising them with gifts.

Baskets made by Sierra Richardson for my girls
Baskets made by Sierra Richardson for my girls

I bought the girls gift baskets with amazing homemade goodies created by Sierra Elise Richardson. I highly recommend buying products from her. They are absolutely amazing, and my girls LOVED them. The boys were given gift cards. It’s the first time I’ve given them things on Mother’s Day. Before, it’s been all-about-me, but this time, I wanted it all-about-us.

And then there’s Kaiden: how sweet he is! We all loved having him here. He’s been so peaceful. He’s still asleep…slept through the whole night. What a joy! If God sent me a husband and it was possible to have another baby, I would say, “Yes!” to both in a heartbeat. If not, I’m going to be a really good grandma.

In the midst of all this goodness, I even had the chance to work on flags AND take a nap. I value my kids but not more than I value God. It’s because I’ve placed Him above all else that everything keeps coming into alignment with heaven, and I love it!