I had a pretty intense
falling apart moment
one that made everything
seem wrong

I’m scared
I’m unsure
I feel lost
yet I know where I’m going
I feel like I wanna cry
on God’s lap
but “feel” Him holding me

you know how a toddler
will drop to the floor
with that dead-weight
because they don’t wanna move?

that’s how I feel
yet God keeps me
light as a feather
so I can’t stop moving forward

Step by Step

On March 11th, I’ll have a lumpectomy.

He’ll take out the tumor and a few lymph nodes to have tested.

Immediately, I start radiation.

If results come back positive for the lymph nodes, I’ll need chemo.

He’s trying to save my boob.

He put me on Vitamin E and Evening Oil of Primrose.

No coffee, tea, soda, energy drinks, or chocolate.