Holidays are the Hardest

Yesterday was my favorite holiday of the year. Well, it “used” to be my favorite. We’ll see if it still remains…

It’s funny: I’ve ALWAYS loved the Fourth of July, but somewhere along the way, it became my favorite because of the firework shows and being with ALL my kids…two things I didn’t have this year, but when I thought about it, I didn’t have those last year, either.

As most of you know, moving to Texas “traumatized” me for a little while, and one of the traumatizing things was Continue reading

Raiders Win!

A couple weeks ago, I was really depressed and had to get OUT and find my way around, so I went for a drive through town. That’s when I realized how knowing your way around a new place will help you acclimate, and on that journey through direction, I bought a raffle ticket.

I was coming out of Walmart, and a little girl approached me to buy a $1.00 raffle ticket. It was to raise money for her softball team. She was SO cute, so I looked in my purse for a dollar and handed it to her.

After I wrote my contact info down, I reached into my purse and handed her a five dollar bill and said, “I don’t want any tickets for this. This is for all the “nos” you might get.”” She said, “Thank you” and smiled. Well, I won that raffle.

Yesterday, I received a call proclaiming me the winner and met with a woman to pick up my prize: a 4th of July wreath with thirty scratchers on it! So, I’ve officially won my first raffle in Texas and the prize was a wreath of my favorite holiday.


The Color of Love

In everyone’s life, the color of love has a different hue, a different shade, a different look that capture’s the eye, a heart, a smile. God is constantly painting the picture of my life, and love takes on a different color all the time, but let me share with you what it looks like now. Continue reading