“And you He made Alive”

first part of a Scripture
and I can’t get past it
only few words
yet endless meaning

And you
He made

Alive to live not exist
Alive to experience not isolate
Alive to every moment not asleep
Alive to every thought not weak
Alive to discover not ignore

so live
to experience
every moment
take thoughts captive
and discover who
you’re living to be

it seems every thing in life
has a switch
it’s up to you to turn it
on or off


does the grass feel
when it’s stepped on
does the flower feel
the weight of the wind
do the leaves feel
as they’re eaten away
does the tree feel the axe
as the branches are cut
and after weathering the storm
will they all look the same?


Yesterday, I spent a good part of the day devouring one scripture. It’s about reckoning yourself dead to sin and alive to Christ; if this is true (which it is), then why do many in the church refer to themselves as “sinners?” This is a question not meant to be answered. It’s merely there to make a point.

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