“Chicken Pox”

I just don’t know where these moments of anger come from

maybe from marital disfunction
maybe from missing my kids
maybe from being in a place still new

as I walk
I see
as I see
I hear
as I hear
I listen
as I listen
I grow

yet these moments of anger still pant
from time to time
rarely voiced but always noticed
taken captive and made to bow

maybe that’s why I want to cry a lot

Control Your Soul

Last week, I was sitting at my desk, and the thought of one of my single friends came to mind, and as I thought of him, my body reacted in a way that I don’t allow. In that moment, I spoke to my soul out loud and told it to submit to my spirit, and I told my body to submit to my soul. Then, I told my spirit to listen to the voice of God’s Holy Spirit, and I blessed my spirit with purity, righteousness, holiness, and, in an instant, the arousal went away. Is it that easy? Yes! Continue reading