Control Your Soul

Last week, I was sitting at my desk, and the thought of one of my single friends came to mind, and as I thought of him, my body reacted in a way that I don’t allow. In that moment, I spoke to my soul out loud and told it to submit to my spirit, and I told my body to submit to my soul. Then, I told my spirit to listen to the voice of God’s Holy Spirit, and I blessed my spirit with purity, righteousness, holiness, and, in an instant, the arousal went away. Is it that easy? Yes!

Many times, people don’t realize they have power over their souls: their mind, will, and emotions. The truth is, if you walk in the authority of Jesus, you have power over your spirit, soul, AND body: a truth that is missed, maybe forgotten…never learned. You don’t have to hide from life to be holy. As a matter of fact, you can be holy in the middle of darkness. That’s why Jesus sends us there…because we’re protected, but how does that truth come to life? …practice.

Last year, I truly learned my identity. All along, it was in the cross, but I didn’t know how to grab hold of that truth…that simple truth. I used to talk about the past as if it was my present. I used to declare the darkness that I lived in, hoping you’d see the light, but I learned that who I was was what I was becoming. I wasn’t a stripper. I was a minister of Jesus who used to strip. I wasn’t an alcoholic. I was a minister of Jesus who used to drink, etc, etc. When I grabbed hold of that, my life changed forever, and now, you know me as I am today.

Sometimes, living that simply seems hard. When that happens, you hang around others who already live that way. You take that time with them to learn, not teach. You walk next to them, ask questions, and listen. There is a freedom of Kingdom Living that needs to be experienced by every believe. There is an army that can grow closer together, if there wasn’t pride, competition, lust creeping between them. There is a battle we are in to defend the Kingdom of God, not our lives.

We’re not fighting to stay alive. Live or die, we’re still alive. We’re fighting because we are on God’s side and are part of His army. We’re fighting to storm darkness, not succumb to it. Attacks aren’t personal against us; they’re against the Kingdom we defend, and when we submit to the enemy, our soul takes over, and we feel defeated.

Being angry isn’t a sin, but if it escalates to rage, that’s a different story. What if, in that moment before, you stopped yourself and commanded your soul to submit. What if you called your spirit forward to listen to God and blessed your spirit with Peace. Would the rage subside?

Shopping isn’t a sin, but buying beyond your limits…well, that’s a different story. If it’s an addiction and you’re in that store or on that website, ready to buy, what if you stopped in that moment, commanded your soul to submit and declared into your spirit that it is Content. Would you change your direction?

If the lust for money, sex, food controlled you, would it make a difference to tell your soul what to do, to make it submit to your spirit…to tell your body to listen to your soul? Yes, it would make a difference. These are things I’ve learned along the way. I’ve learned my spirit should be in control and should only listen to God’s Holy Spirit. I believe that, and it works.

I used to be addicted to sex. Now, in a moment, I make arousal go away. THAT’s Kingdom Living. The soul is NOT in charge, and when the spirit is and is only listening to the Holy Spirit, life really is simple. I love living in freedom…so much that, when I have an experience with this at one-thirty in the morning, I’m glad God has me share it with you. He wants us to be free, and in loving Him and becoming Love, freedom can’t be stopped.

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