“Naked Feelings”

the beauty is
I write what I feel
the problem is
I write what I feel

I’ve wondered why
it’s so important for me
to be open
and I giggle at times
of the reality of things

years of stripping
selling my body
exposing what
was on the outside
keeping my clothes on
valuing my worth
exposing what’s
on the inside

being open
having no fear
of what life brings

so many marriages
hidden away
with problems galore
yet seeming at peace

so many parents
feeling like failures
doing what they believe
to make things right

so many issues
swept under the rug
not realizing any moment
someone can move it

but there’s growth in being open
with your friends
with your family
with your spouse

love breeds vulnerability
vulnerability breeds intimacy
intimacy breeds love
love breeds peace
for all to live in


Our Bedroom!!

Since we’ve been in Texas, Scott’s been working on two bedrooms: first the kids’ and then ours, so for five weeks, Scott and I’ve been sleeping in the dining room, UNTIL LAST NIGHT!

We finally have our bedroom!! And it’s beautiful! And it’s YELLOW!!

It’s difficult to capture the true color.
There’re shelves for this closet, which will hold all my dyes and stuff.
My sewing area!
Trying to capture the color.


Natural lighting
Valspar satin paint: Champagne Dance

“Change is Good”

when you become a Christian
things around you won’t be perfect
but the heart inside you will be
which makes everything around you

you become LIGHT
instead of lost in darkness

you become Love
instead of obsessed with lust

you become Peace
instead of connected to drama

you become Hope
instead of drowning in fear

there’s so much more
than just believing
it’s a transformation
from one life to the next


a place where time
doesn’t exist
a place where it’s never
the last moment
a place that listens
plans and

and love

having the power
to send darkness to hell
having the faith
to walk in victory
having the courage
to stand tall
and believe

in freedom
in joy
in love

so many choices
to make every day
so many moments
to be love

for God
for yourself
for others

torment may last
for a moment
but joy and peace
are forever more

Pass it On

Sometimes, kids are terrified to grow up and become like their parents, but when they realize they don’t have to…when they realize they have a choice to become like Jesus, the peace in their eyes speaks louder than words.

Empty Stands

Well, I wasn’t going to write today because writing makes me tired, and I have a lot of flags to sew, so I decided to write a quick poem about what was going on in my heart, and as I read it, I began to weep.

I love it when my own poetry touches my heart.

As I was crying, I couldn’t get rid of what I wanted to write about, couldn’t push it to the side. I’d woken up with it, and evidently, the only way it’ll go away is through my fingers, so through these tears, I’ll give you my heart. Continue reading