“Soul on a String”

sadness rises in my heart
as I watch them
watch them

driven by darkness
forced to look
not knowing they’re forced

craze in their eyes
HAVING to have more
yet never satisfied

porn lures you in
and leaves you hanging
thinking of what more to say
to GET the girl
what more to do
to lure her in

a game of cat and mouse
one always on the move
one always chasing

watching what “literally”
USED to turn me on
having no effect

a freedom
not only lived
but given away

I wonder who’ll want it

Control Your Soul

Last week, I was sitting at my desk, and the thought of one of my single friends came to mind, and as I thought of him, my body reacted in a way that I don’t allow. In that moment, I spoke to my soul out loud and told it to submit to my spirit, and I told my body to submit to my soul. Then, I told my spirit to listen to the voice of God’s Holy Spirit, and I blessed my spirit with purity, righteousness, holiness, and, in an instant, the arousal went away. Is it that easy? Yes! Continue reading