“Make Away”


a mother makes a way
for her kids to follow
even a path
for others to walk on

aware of her surroundings
ready to protect
from those who harm

full of love
and understanding
wanting to need
and needing to want

the one who is single
is too much for many
but the one who is single
will provide

all the love that is needed
all the hope that is wanted
all the joy from the bond
of a mother and child

“In Sight Full”

in heaven
I bet there won’t be mirrors
because we’ll be see thru
so why not start here

in sight
is my body
full figured
hanging skin
wrinkles forming

outta sight
is my soul
good parts and
renewed and

which leaves
my spirit
Free to move
Free to laugh
Free to be love
and soar

I’m not sure
what makes it to heaven
the only thing dying
will be the outside
leaving the goodness of my soul
and spirit

to see through

bringing heaven on earth
through transparency
writing out bad
to get to the good
so the enemy of mirrors
won’t haunt me

and because of the effect
it has here on earth
I KNOW there’ll be laughter
in heaven

“Lead and Follow”

[written 10/14/16]

there’s music in my head
I sing with
there’s music in my heart
I dance with
there’s music in my soul
I sleep with

there’re no limits to what you can do
only limits to what you “think” you can do

“Private Conversations”

[written 7/9/16]

I’ve realized
how my mind
and my heart

one’s more positive
than the other

when my mind says
‘I can’t handle this’
my heart replies
‘Bring it on!’

so I’ve been training my ears
which to listen to
because the heart
makes more sense