“Heart Reflection”

a mirror
a reflection
what’s there to see
not the truth of the heart
and mind

seeing isn’t believing
believing is knowing

to know someone
what comes from their mouth
what comes to their mind
revealing the heart

is it beautiful
it should be


God is my Justifier
Who passed over my sin
to make me righteous

Jesus is my Deliverer
Who through my faith
caused darkness to cease

Holy Spirit is my Teacher
Who replaced every lie
with His marvelous truth

Falling Together

Through the not-so-happy moments at Disneyland, I learned a lot, but through the moments-to-remember, I learned even more, and there were plenty of those to hold onto. One in particular happened right off the bat.

By the time we first arrived at the park, it was packed, so moving through the crowd (without losing one another) was a sport of its own, but we managed to all make it to the “Pirates of the Caribbean” ride without being separated.

By this time, some grumpiness had set in here and there, so I was hoping that the first ride would kill any of that, and it did, but while we were in line, I was touched by God. Continue reading

A Place to Hide

Earlier this week, something was said to me that wasn’t true, yet it made me cry. I spent time in my bedroom (away from the kids) and cried on my pillow: ready to give up dancing, ready to stay home, ready to be hidden. All of those feelings rose up in the tears, but since I knew they were all lies, I got over it and moved on…so I thought. Continue reading

You Are Beautiful

“You are beautiful:” those are the words I heard over and over again last night. As I was flagging at Straight Up Worship, Krissi came up and told me how beautiful I was. She just kept saying, “You are beautiful” and wasn’t quite sure why those were the only words she could say. I began to cry and told her, “Because those are the words I need to hear the most,” and God knew that, and even with all those words of beauty spoken over me, this morning, I saw myself as ugly.
Continue reading

Control Your Soul

Last week, I was sitting at my desk, and the thought of one of my single friends came to mind, and as I thought of him, my body reacted in a way that I don’t allow. In that moment, I spoke to my soul out loud and told it to submit to my spirit, and I told my body to submit to my soul. Then, I told my spirit to listen to the voice of God’s Holy Spirit, and I blessed my spirit with purity, righteousness, holiness, and, in an instant, the arousal went away. Is it that easy? Yes! Continue reading