Falling Together

Through the not-so-happy moments at Disneyland, I learned a lot, but through the moments-to-remember, I learned even more, and there were plenty of those to hold onto. One in particular happened right off the bat.

By the time we first arrived at the park, it was packed, so moving through the crowd (without losing one another) was a sport of its own, but we managed to all make it to the “Pirates of the Caribbean” ride without being separated.

By this time, some grumpiness had set in here and there, so I was hoping that the first ride would kill any of that, and it did, but while we were in line, I was touched by God.

Throughout the line, there are parts where you stand in the sun, stand in the shade, and, finally, stand inside, where it was nice and cool (and very dark). You could “see” each other, just not very well. It was in this cool, dark place where Kyle gave me a look I will never forget.

As he looked at me, I told him I loved him, and he told me in return, but his look lingered and spoke louder and deeper than I can explain, but I’ll try. It seemed as though we were looking into each other’s soul, and what I heard (and felt) was this deep love he had for me, how he cared for me. There was so much more to the look, but I feel God telling me not to share it, so I’ll let my heart ponder it, but I will tell you this: it touched me so deeply, I began to cry.

I thought, “Oh, no! Not here…not now! I don’t want to fall apart!” I was so happy it was dark. I put on my glasses to (hopefully) hide my teary eyes. I thought again, “I don’t want to fall apart,” and then it hit me: I wasn’t falling apart at all; I was falling together. That moment when God redeems time in a hug, in a kind word, in a glance into the soul…had just happened. I wasn’t falling apart at all, but bawling in line for the ride might’ve been taken wrong, so I fell together on the inside and enjoyed every moment of it.

At times, God reveals so much through so little. It’s happened, at least, once with all my kids, and I’ve captured every moment with them in my heart. The cool part is…no one can take those moments from me, and I refuse to let them go. Even through attitudes, moods, annoyances, etc., God’s revelations broke through without any walls being built, without any wounds leaving scars. His Love covers all of it, and all that’s left is the Light of His lessons.


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