The other evening, as I was on my walk, I looked to my right and saw the setting sun, looked to my left and saw the rising moon, thought of my friend who’s bipolar, and started praying for him. During that prayer, this poem began. #bipolar


the sun
setting on my right
the moon
rising to my left

two opposites
grabbing attention
two views
wanting to be seen

two poles
with one center

night and day
happy and sad
calm and irritable

is that what’s it like
to be bipolar?
do opposites fight
for attention?

the moon
and the sun
share the same sky


Report Cards


some days
don’t make sense
crashing together
somehow stops

feelings hurt
tears run down

how is it
some days
I’m a better parent
than others
and some days
I’m worse

I’m glad
I don’t get graded
would I pass
or fail

A Day without Mood Swings

Our trip to Magic Mountain 9/14/15: full of challenges that never moved us!!
Our trip to Magic Mountain 9/14/15: full of challenges that never moved us!!

Yesterday was a blast!! I spent the day with my daughters at Magic Mountain, and I don’t think we’ve ever bonded so well before, and the funny thing was a bunch of things went wrong, which would usually trigger frustration, irritation, arguments, etc., but even though things went wrong in the natural, nothing disrupted us in the spiritual.

Amongst the things that went wrong…

my free tickets were for a Six Flags in Vallejo, so the tickets were not accepted (we had to buy them);

both my sandals (with six straps each) flew off on the second ride we went on (X2), so I walked away barefooted;

we didn’t get on our first ride until 1:20 pm (and the park closed at 6:00 pm);

and that ‘etc’ contained a long list of mishaps, but nothing changed our moods, which was a first for us. In the past, when we’ve been together, if something went wrong, one of us would get grumpy, which would set off another one’s mood and so on, but yesterday, none of our moods changed. It was so peaceful!

The only way I can explain our wonderful experience in the midst of confusion is that, deep within, we each knew there was a much bigger picture, and with Katie having moved out, we each appreciated our time together much more.

From the moment we all got together, the giggling and laughter began. It was so good, so needed, so wanted. It just was a wonderful way to put a lot of things into perspective.

As I live through life, God’s word just makes more and more sense. He really IS amazing! Oh, and as soon as we are able to afford it, we’re going to see “War Room;” Carolyn and I’ve seen it, but Katie hasn’t. I’m super excited to bond with my girls with that movie.

If you have anyone in your life who’s walked away from God, don’t worry; they’ll be back! Trust me; I know!

Falling Together

Through the not-so-happy moments at Disneyland, I learned a lot, but through the moments-to-remember, I learned even more, and there were plenty of those to hold onto. One in particular happened right off the bat.

By the time we first arrived at the park, it was packed, so moving through the crowd (without losing one another) was a sport of its own, but we managed to all make it to the “Pirates of the Caribbean” ride without being separated.

By this time, some grumpiness had set in here and there, so I was hoping that the first ride would kill any of that, and it did, but while we were in line, I was touched by God. Continue reading

Happiness Not Guaranteed

Okay, so I “know” that Disneyland has been known as the-happiest-place-on-earth, but that doesn’t guarantee that the people THERE are the happiest. If there WAS a guarantee, then Scott should get some money back because there were times when moods, attitudes, dirty looks, etc. were transferred amongst the kids. It could’ve been their ages, but I believe the emotions ran deeper than that. Continue reading

A Taste of Testimony

Yesterday, as I was grabbing my things to head out the door for lunch, I realized I wasn’t in “the mood” to really talk to anyone. Instead of loving others, I kind of wanted to go off in solitude and love myself. Isn’t that crazy! I’ve learned that we were created to become love, so whenever these “moods” hit me, I walk through them, and, normally, something amazing happens. Continue reading