A Taste of Testimony

Yesterday, as I was grabbing my things to head out the door for lunch, I realized I wasn’t in “the mood” to really talk to anyone. Instead of loving others, I kind of wanted to go off in solitude and love myself. Isn’t that crazy! I’ve learned that we were created to become love, so whenever these “moods” hit me, I walk through them, and, normally, something amazing happens.

On my way to visit Lee, I passed by a woman who was eating her lunch. I’ve seen her before and have said my hellos, but she never seemed interested to go farther than that, and something (or Someone) was telling me to sit down next to her. Usually, I don’t like to interrupt people while they’re eating, so I ignored Someone and kept going. (Funny how God always wins!)

As I continued on to say hi to Lee, I noticed about ten people around his area planting new life, all different kinds of plants. He was nowhere in sight. I sighed. I was “supposed” to sit with that lady and didn’t listen, so I turned around to walk back towards her.

As I looked up in her direction, I saw that she was done eating, so when I reached her, I asked if I could join her. She said, “Sure.” She looked straight ahead, sunglasses on, no smile. I sat a little sideways and began talking with her, asking her questions, answering her unspoken ones…kind of creating my own conversation, and that led into me sharing a bit of my testimony.

As she listened, she would turn to me, say things like “wow,” “that’s amazing,” “incredible.” She would smile. It was so neat. I just shared with her about my experience with God while dancing with worship flags and how I make and sell them now. I pulled out a set and showed her. It was a little windy. The thing about the wind is that you don’t even need to really move them; the wind shows them off. She loved them.

About that time, she needed to get back to work. She was so happy I sat with her. I have no idea if she’s religious at all, but when I said I thought I’d see her again sometime, she said, “Of course! Next week is Holy Week.” I have never heard of that term before but it caused me to think that maybe she’s met God and worships somewhere. I’m hoping that, someday, I’ll get to hear about HER. God is so good. He makes things happen, even if I’m not in the “mood.”

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